1997 Team Roster

Walter M. (Bud) Moore, Jr.      Car Owner
Greg Moore                      General Manager
Daryl Moore                     Head Engine Builder
Jimmy Means                     Crew Chief
Daniel Fowler                   Assistant Engine Builder
Buddy Hawkins                   Cylinder Head Specialist
Phil Harris                     Fabricator
Eric Stroupe                    Fabricator
Cliff Simmons                   Fabricator
Brian Porter                    Fabricator
Dale Stewart                    Bodyman
Jeff Hagerman                   Bodyman
Earl Davis                      Brakes & Rear End
Bryan Dorsey                    Truck Driver
Bill Burrell                    General Mechanic
Larry Johnson                   Shop Maintenance
Claude Wilson                   Shop Maintenance
Diane Christie                  Office Manager
Harold Stott                    Rear Tires
Danny Fowler                    Jackman
Billy Fowler                    Gasman
Mike Bailey                     Tire Carrier
Bill Carr                       Pilot
Brenda Lockman                  Scorer
Preston Miller                  Spotter
Brent Moore                     Consultant
Steve McCullough                CPA
Greg Sacks                      Driver


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